Devoted 36 year water science research for healthier life

Provide the most important human values, health, beauty, and happiness, by revitalization of the body and soul through boosting the immune system and naturopathy
  1. 01 Multiple Industrial Property Rights on Alkaline Ionized Water and PhytoncideAir Purifier

    KYK not only concentrates on Alkaline Ionized Water, drinkable and suitable for all, but also focuses on R&D on Forphyton(Phytoncide) products for improvement on Indoor Air Quality, noting the importance of the surrounding air. Customers can freely choose variety types and purposes of water, providing users healthier water and lifestyles, breathing fresh and clean air.

  2. 02 Ceaseless Efforts for Innovative and New Technologies and Products by Establishing KYK Science Technology Research Institute

    From R&D technology, manufacturing, exports, sales, to customer service, KYK is on charge and responsible for every process of production. Through one-stop process, customers are provided with high quality of product, loyalty, warranty service, and technology.

  3. 03 Exports Worldwide to 40 Countries, Exploring Overseas Routes with Advanced Technology

    As concerns on health and well-being are increasing, the health industry is rapidly growing and developing. By producing competitive products in domestic and foreign markets, KYK promotes sustainable growth of the water industry and promotes job creation, devoting to development of national economy.

Corporate Goals
    • Establishment of R&D System and Research Lab
    • Safety Assurance for Business
    • Management Buildout for PR Marketing
    • Exploring domestic and foreign markets for exportation
    • Gain competitive edge in the health industry
    • Strategic management for company growth
    • Line up for development on new technology and products
    • One trillion sales records and five thousand employees
    • Accomplished No.1 Global Brand
    • Diversification of business models
    • Enhance of Company Value
    • Increase profits of company members