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What is Forphyton?

‘Forphyton’ is derived from two words ‘Forest’ and ‘Phyton’, referring to phytoncide, a natural antibiotic substance, that forest and trees radiate into the air to protect themselves from harmful insects or micro-organisms.

Phytoncide is radiated from all parts of trees, from leaves, stems, truck, and roots. When tearing off leaves or breaking branches, a very unique and strong scent of sap is secreted. This sap contains and radiates greater amount of phytoncide, to protect and heal itself. Phytoncide is itself the forest, which freshens and purifies the ecosystem. Forest bathing freshens and relaxes the exhausted human body. A research by the Korea Forest Service and Chungbok University reports breathing phytoncide for an hour decreases the level of cortisol, a stress hormone, by 50%. The main reason, why forest bathing is known for stress-reduction and healing, is that the great amount of phytoncide in the forest boosts immunity. Studies show phytoncide helps reducing stress hormones, providing strong antibiosis, and exterminating dust mites. Also, it deodorize bad smells, decomposes formaldehyde, a major cause of sick house syndrome, and improves memorization and concentration. Simply put, phytoncide is the heaven-sent medicine of forest. Phytoncide is highly effective in decomposing harmful chemical substances such as formaldehyde or cigarette smoke, and in air freshening to deodorize bad smells of food waste, sweat, mildew, or sewers. (better when sprayed directly to the spot)

Effects of Phytoncide

Effects of Phytoncide
Tests Test Result Research Institutes
Stress Relief Strengthen Immunity by suppressing cortisol, stress hormones National Institute of Forest Science
Sedation and Freshening Restore energy by treating insomnia and inducing deep sleep National Institute of Forest Science
Toxicity Test Verified Non-toxic Oral toxicity LD5:8.0kg,Inhalation toxicity LD50>500mg/㎡ (around 416ppm) National Institute of Forest Science, Chungbok University, Seoul National University
Skin Reaction Used Cypress essential oil CVD-coated fiber, No skin irritation Korea Apparel Testing & Research Institute
Improvement on Learning Ability and Concentration Activation of alpha wave of brain Improve memorization and concentration Konkuk Graduate School of Biological Science
Strong Antimicrobial Properties Restrain Legionella and MRSA(Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus) Chungbuk National University
Cure Allergy and Skin Diseases Cure Trichophyton Chungbok National University
Strong Deodorization Air freshener for unpleasant odors of cooking food, cigarette smoke, 2-nonenal, or iodoform Korea Testing & Research Institute
Sick House Syndrome Reduce formaldehyde and VOCs, main causes of sick house syndrome Indoor Measurement Certified by the Ministry of
Long-Stay Patient Help deep sleep and stress-relief, better respiration Hongil Hospital, located in Mokdong
Antibiotic and Antifungal Properties Antibiotic and antifungal effects to reduce dermatomyces Chungbok University
Virucidal Effect 99% sterilization of influenza virus with 8% concentration of cypress essential oil Choongang Vaccine Laboratory Chungbok University