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70% of Human Body is Water! We are a Walking Water Bottle

83% of blood, 75% of brain, 72% of skin, and 90% of cells of human body are composed of water. As shown in the chart below, the type, quality, and quantity of water directly decides the quality of our blood, cell, skin, and health. As air and nutrition are indispensable for sustaining life, water is essential as well.

Mechanism of Alkaline Water Ionizer

First, normal tap water goes through the first filter to filter out contaminants and pollutants. Second, the purified water is inserted into the electrolysis chamber, which plays the role of a car engine. Inside the electrolysis chamber, the SMPS system separately generates positive pole and negative pole of electrode. Water containing negatively charged molecules are so called ‘alkaline water’ with reducing power. Ionized Alkaline Water, which helps treating four major gastroenteric troubles such as indigestion, intestinal dysbiosis, chronic diarrhea, and hyperacidity, is verified by KFDA for its reliability, safety, and validity.

Water(H2O) is a cluster of hydrogen bonded molecules of hydrogen ion(H+) and hydroxide ion(OH-) in tetrahedral structure. Normal water contains ions such as Ca+, Mg+, Na+, K+, CI-.S-, or P-. When these molecules are electrolyzed, the cathode(-) liberates hydrogen gas which generates rich hydroxyl ions (ph level 7.5~11) and minerals such as Ca+, Mg+, and K+

Helps Treating Four Major Gastroenteric Troubles