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How long is the KYK product's life span?

“Core parts like electrode, electrolysis cell etc. can be used semi-permanently. If you replace filter on proper period and manage it well, KYK machine can be used for at least more than 10 years.”

Please inform directions for use each level of alkaline water.

“I will explain direction to drink KYK alkaline water.

- PH 8.5 is proper to people who drink KYK alkaline water first time or infant, senior.
- PH 9.0 is proper to people who usually drink KYK alkaline water or adult.
- PH 9.5 is proper to boil tea or cooking.
- PH 10.0 is proper to clean chemicals, pesticides on ingredients like fruit or vegetable and so on.

If you want more detail information, please contact me via email,”

What can I do if machine has problem?

First of all, please turn off the machine. Pull out power cord and turn on again after 5 minutes. Most of problems are solved after reboot. Otherwise problem is still occurred, problem caused by filter used overtime or other cause. If then, please contact the company which you bought the machine directly.

I need to change filter, how can I handle this?

"Please contact the company which you bought machine from first. If then, they will help you out on this matter. If the company has no response, please contact via email,"

I want to buy KYK machine in my country. Is there any sales office nearby here?

“Of course! I will connect you with our distributor nearby your region. Please kindly notify me your address and contact point via email, I will reply shortly.”

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