What you dracink makes you different

Is there any KYK distributor in our territory?

“I will connect you to KYK distributor if there is our distributor in your territory. However if there is no KYK distributor, I will give you an answer directly. Please feel free to contact us below :
1) Tel : +82 2 6000 0333
2) Email :
3) Skype : jomunjokyk

Do you provide OEM/ODM sourcing production?

“Of course! KYK has devoted to alkaline water for 36 years. We acquired 130 patents and 10 gold medals from World Invention association. KYK is the only company in the same industry which operated government authorized R&D center. KYK manufactured and developed products directly through our facilities, through this KYK provide OEM production or technical cooperation

What is KYK strength compared with other company?

I am happy to say that KYK have various strengths on technology. Most of all, we acquired numerous patents related with electrolysis cell, core parts on ionizer. Proved through this KYK have been peerless technical skills on product quality, water taste, effectiveness, life span of machine and so on.
Furthermore KYK’s alkaline water ionizer has special system to control its electric direct current(DC) with 1,000 segmented level of electric current per each pH level. In total, you can have 4,000 segmented electric current to reach exact pH by source water quality and quantity.
KYK is the first company developed 3, 4 filter ionizer in the same industry. Electrode plate quantity can be easily changed in general but filter amount changing work needs a lot of cost and time spending. KYK keep faith to provide healthy water, devoted on development and production high quality products.
Lastly, KYK is the only company which had a clinical demonstration on alkaline water. KYK had a huge success in SNUH(Seoul National University Hospital in Bundang) under IRB(Institutional Review Board). Through successful clinical trial on KYK alkaline water, KYK got credibility in this field.

Do you design and produce ionizer yourself?

Why not? KYK has own R&D center design circuits and spare parts ourselves. Also KYK produces the products and run Quality Control(QC), too. KYK significantly increased its production capacity, constructing auto-production line currently. KYK construct auto-production line currently and rapidly increase production capacity. KYK possesses filter production facilities to produce filter directly.

These days ‘Hydrogen water generator’ is hot topic, KYK produce it, too?

"Of Course!”
General hydrogen water generator only can produce neutral pH hydrogen water.
On the other hand, KYK's hydrogen water generator can produce 3 Type of water (Hydrogen water ,Ozone water ,Purified water).
It can produce Hydrogen content up to maximum 1575 ppb and ORP level up to maximum -620mV.
KYK’s Hydrogen water generator is distinguished by its high quality and correspondingly high standards.
Therefore, KYK is getting the spotlight in the international market.
KYK always concentrate all effort to develop products which can be matched with market situation and customer demands.
If you want to know more details, Please contact via email ;

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