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Product and Company Comparision

Product and Company Comparision
Comparison of Evaluation Criteria KYK A B C D
① Electrolysis Patented Technology OK NO NO NO NO
② Electric current control (by stage) 4000 76 32 8 8
③ Electrodes 3 ~ 35 5 ~ 9 5 ~ 11 5 ~ 9 5 ~ 9
④ Filter 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 2 1 / 2 3 1 / 2
⑤ Clinical Trial OK NO NO NO NO
⑥ Free Automatic water flow Valve OK NO NO NO NO
⑦ Calcification Free OK NO NO NO NO
⑧ One-stop solution from Design to Program KYK R&D team Outsourcing Outsourcing Outsourcing Outsourcing
⑨ Heating and Cooling OK NO NO NO NO
⑩ Auto hide tap OK NO NO NO NO
⑪ Filter change control OK NO NO NO NO
⑫ Instant cooling and heating OK NO NO NO NO
⑬ Patents 130 2 25 3 4
⑭ Good Design certified 3 NO NO 1 1
⑮ Order of Iron Tower OK NO NO NO NO
⑯ International gold medals 10 NO NO NO NO


  1. ① Electrolysis Patented Technology

    Electrolysis cell is the key part of alkaline water ionizer just like an engine for an auto mobile. KYK has patented technology on electrolysis cell and provided excellency in product quality(life span and function) and alkaline water quality(hydrogen ion concentration, water cluster size, ionized mineral, etc.

  2. ② Electric Current Control

    KYK’s alkaline water ionizer has special system to control its electric direct current(DC) with 1,000 segmented level of electric current per each pH level. In total, you can have 4,000 segmented electric current to reach exact pH by source water quality and quantity.

  3. ③ Electrodes

    Many companies are focusing on how many plates their ionizers have. More important thing is electrodes’ quality and its control to reach exact pH not the quantity of electrodes. Because it is the cheapest way to expand their product range by plate number, not designing new ones. It is not required many plates like 9 or 11, if it is not for industrial one. Anyway KYK developed from 3 to 35 plate electrolysis.

  4. ④ Filter

    It is very important to make the source water purified before electrolysis and this purification is related to the quantity of filters if the filtering material and condition is same. Most ionizers have only 1 or 2 filters installed inside. But KYK has this 1 and 2 filter ionizer already and has developed 3 and 4 filter ionizers as well. It is not easy to develop new ionizers with 3 and 4 filters as you have to design housing, inside moldings and related parts, including circuit, filter case and its holders, to fit Increasing electrode quantity is the easiest and cheapest way to expand your product range with only power control. KYK is devoting ourselves to upgrade our existing products and launch new products continually based on the numerous patented technology. Our ceaseless effort shall provide market power to our partners and high quality and customer friendly products to our customers.

  5. ⑤ Clinical Trial

    KYK is the only company which had a clinical trial on alkaline water. KYK had a huge success in SNUH(Seoul National University Hospital in Bundang) under IRB(Institutional Review Board). Through successful clinical trial on KYK alkaline water, KYK got credibility in this field, showing its efficacy of KYK alkaline water pm patients with irritable bowel syndrome.

  6. ⑥ Free Automatic Water Flow Valve

    KYK has developed our own Free Automatic Water Flow Valve, which changes without electricity. It is energy saving, error free and maximizing electrolysis life time.

  7. ⑦ Calcification Free

    KYK has developed brand new products which can remove calcium in the source water to protect the machine and produce better alkaline water.

  8. ⑧ One-stop solution from Design to Program

    Having R&D team, KYK develops and upgrades our products without wasting cost and time, information leakage, misunderstanding from Outsourcing.

  9. ⑨ Heating and Cooling

    KYK has only developed alkaline water ionizers, MFDS and GMP certified, with heating and cooling for the first time in the world.

  10. ⑩ Auto Hide Tap

    Every water purification system, including water dispenser, purifier and alkaline water ionizer, has open water dispensing part, which can have hygiene issue from dirt, harmful particles, virus, bacteria, etc. KYK developed Auto Hide Tap to solve this hygiene issue by automatic blocking itself from the air. This tap gives some fun to the users and provide etter design.

  11. ⑪ Filter Exchange Control

    Many ionizers have filter life span by its capacity only. Once the user does not use an ionizer enough, the filtering time shall be prolonged enormously. This will cause insufficient water filtration and bacteria and virus inside the filter. By checking filtering time in addition to the capacity, KYK provide safe use of alkaline water to our customers by filtering water in the adequate condition.

  12. ⑫ Instant Heating

    Existing water purifiers with heating has water tanks to keep the temperature high. But long time heating may cause water quality issue energy wasting. KYK introduced an instant heating technology, you can enjoy your hot water without any changes in water quality and do not waste your electricity from heating.

  13. ⑬ Patents

    KYK has around 130 related patents.

  14. ⑭ Good Design Certified

    Design is one of the key factor of purchasing products. KYK has 3 Good Designed approved ionizers.

  15. ⑮ Order of Iron Tower Industry and Invention

    This prize is given to a company which contributed in national industrial development and national health care. KYK is the only company which received this prize in water purification field and with this prize we are getting domestic and international public confidence.

  16. ⑯ International Gold Medals

    KYK has won 10 gold medals at the world famous international invention fair in German, Switzerland, etc, approving KYK water technology.