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Higher Performance, Groundbreaking Half the Price

Wide LED Screen

Higher Performance, Groundbreaking Half the Price

Compact size of A4 paper and Slim Shape

Simple and Smart Design

Depending on the amount and the speed of a running of row water into the product

pH Auto-Control System

Easy to Use Method

Generate and Supply Seven Types of Customized Water: Four Alkaline Levels, Two Acidic Levels, One Purified Water

Using Platinized Titanium Electrode

Patents on diaphragm Membrane Structure including Electrode Plate for the Electrolytic Cell of Water Ionizer

Power-Control System by SMPS Method

Sensor to Monitor and Manage the Lifespan of Filter and the Expiry Date

Sensor Chip Implemented Control System for Detecting Usage and Lifespan of Filter

Ceramic Valve for Water Pressure Adjustment

Water is Essential for our Body! Which Type of Water are You Drinking?

KYK Alkaline Water Helps improving symptoms of Four Common Gastrointestinal Problems


This product is connected directly to tap water and creates alkaline reduced water by first purifying the water with two special hybrid filters, then ionizing the water using 5 or 7 platinized titanium plates

Manufacturer Approval Code No. 2213
Medical Device Approval Code No. Huh-15-297
Product Alkaline water ionizer
Model Hisha
Manufacturing Company KYK Co. Ltd. (440-407 Sangdaewon-Dong Joongwon-Gu, Sungnam City, Kyunggi-Do, Korea)
Manufacturing Number/Date See the Backside of the Product
The object of Product Alkaline Water Ionizer which can produce pH8.5 up to 10.0 alkaline ionic water by drinking water electrolysis to improve symptoms of chronic stomach problems-chronic diarrhea, indigestion, intestinal dysbiosis and hyperacidity
Standard Voltage and Frequency 220V AC / 60Hz
Electrical Consumption 150VA
Size / Weight Size : 220(W)mm X 322(H)mm X 100(D)mm / Weight : 2.4kg
Composition / Water Supply Type Stationary / Direct connection to tap water
Controlling Method Touch sensor
Available Temperature 5ºC ~ 35 ºC
Available Water Pressure 3.0kgf/cm2
Electrolysis Method Continuous electrolysis (Built-in water flow sensor)
LCD Display Indicating Level, Filter life, Water purification, Abstersion/Mode
Output Capacity 2 liter of alkali water/minute(10%)
Electrolysis Ability 4 levels of acidic water, 2 levels of acidic water, filtered only water
Electrolysis Cell Platinized with platinum Titanium electrode plates and the diaphragm
Electrode Sheet Wash Automatic washing(Auto-wash after usage by mycom control system)
Filter Life Estimate Approximately 3,500 liters (may need to use for shorten periods regarding raw water environment of region or nation)
Message to indicate Filter Change ①When Filter life indicator lamp starts flicker light one time.
②You should replace the filter promptly, If the water’s taste, smell, color etc. is not normal condition because of the decline in regional raw water quality or a period of water shortage, even though the filter life does not come to the end.
③Indicating of filter change based on the thing which reaches first between filter capacity and using time.
④You must use the genuine filter which we serve. If you use the imitation or fake filter not the original filter, then KYK Co., Ltd has no responsibility for the occurred damage, and does not serve After Service(A/S).
Filter type Composite filter
Filter change instructions Filter Change (see the user manual)
Power Source Protector Fuse
Over-current Detector Automatically stops the output of electrolytic cells
Over Temperature Protector Temperature detector circuit installed inside SMPS power supply automatically stops the device